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Corner cube prism

Product Details

Corner cube prism product

Corner cube prism

Corner cube prism description

BK7 or UVFS Corner cube retroreflectors designed to deviate incident light by 180 degrees independently of an angle of incidence. These prisms have 3 mirror surfaces making angles of 90 deg to each other, juxtaposed to form the corner of a cube with the entrance face perpendicular to cube diagonal. All beams, despite of incident direction, are reflected back to the original direction. Corner cubes are used in high precision applications or with lasers over very long distances.

Corner cube prism specifications

Product Name Corner cube prism
Diameter Tolerance +0.00/-0.10mm
Angle Tolerance ±3Arc  Seconds
Surface Flatness 1/10Lambda
Surface Quality 60/40, 40/20 or better
Material BK7/K9/UV fused silica
Clear aperture >90%
Bevel Protective bevel as needed
Coating Custom

We can manufacture optical windows in any optical material required. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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