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Product Details

Germanium(Ge) Windows for thermal imaging

Germanium windows(Ge windows) are ideal for IR applications with its broad transmission range and opacity in the visible portion of the spectrum.

Germanium has a high index of refraction, making it a perfect choice for applications that require low dispersion. Germanium is commonly used in IR imaging systems typically operating in the 2 µm to 12 µm spectral range, covers the LWIR (8-12μm) and MWIR (3-5μm) thermal imaging wavelength range. 

Germanium can be AR coated with Diamond producing an extremely tough front optic. Germanium is more rugged than other IR materials, but caution should be taken for high temperature applications where the material will become opaque in the IR realm as the temperature rises. 

Features and Abilities

Diameter range: 5~ 400mm;  

Various types of coating:


DLC (diamond or hard carbon coating)/AR@7-14um; 

Customized coating;

General specifications

Materials  Optical grade germanium single crystals 
 Aperture  >90% 
 Dimension tolerance  +/-0.02mm 
 Thickness tolerance  +/-0.02mm 
 Surface Quality  20/10
 Parallelism  <30 arc sec
 Chamfer  0.3-0.5mmx45degree 
 Coating  AR/AR@8-14μm DLC/AR@7-14μm BBAR/BBAR@3-12μm

Standard Models

 Thk (mm)
Surface Quality
1 40-20 AR/AR@8-14um   AR/DLC@8-14um
10 1 40-20
AR/AR@8-14um   AR/DLC@8-14um
12.5 2 40-20
AR/AR@8-14um   AR/DLC@8-14um
12.7 2 40-20
AR/AR@8-14um   AR/DLC@8-14um
25 2 40-20
AR/AR@8-14um   AR/DLC@8-14um
40 2 40-20
AR/AR@8-14um   AR/DLC@8-14um
50 3 40-20
AR/AR@8-14um   AR/DLC@8-14um

We can manufacture optical windows in any optical material required. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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