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ZnSe Windows

Product Details

Feature of ZnSe window

CVD zinc selenide (ZnSe) is a chemical inert material with high purity, strong environmental adaptability, and easy processing. Its optical transmission loss is small and has good penetration.It is the prioritized chosen material for high power CO2 laser optical components. Since the refractive index of this material is well uniform and consistent, it is also ideal for making protective window and infrared optics in FLIR thermal imaging system. At the same time, the material is also widely used in making window and lens for medical instrument, the industrial thermal radiation measuring instrument and the infrared spectrometer.

Specification of ZnSe window:
ZnSe Window is widely used for infrared spectrometer,beam splitter,windows and lens.
ZnSe transmission wavelength is 3-14um.

ZnSe window

General specifications

Diameter range 3-300mm
Diameter tolerance +/-0.02mm
Thickness tolerance +/-0.02mm
Parallelism +/-30''
Surface quality 20/10
Surface figure λ/10 per @633nm
Bevelling 0.1~0.3mm x 45 degree
Coating AR coating on both side
Material CVD PVD ZnSe
We can manufacture optical windows in any optical material required. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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